Pony ORM Release 0.7.1

This release brings Python 3.6 support and has some bugfixes.

Here is the list of changes:

  • Fixed #216: decompiler fixes for Python 3.6
  • Fixed #203: subtranslator should use argnames from parent translator
  • Change a way aliases in SQL query are generated in order to fix a problem when a subquery alias masks a base query alias
  • Volatile attribute bug fixed
  • Fix creation of self-referenced foreign keys – before this Pony didn’t create the foreign key for self-referenced attributes
  • Bug fixed: when required attribute is empty the loading from the database shouldn’t raise the validation error. Now Pony raises the warning DatabaseContainsIncorrectEmptyValue
  • New warning DatabaseContainsIncorrectEmptyValue added, it is raised when the required attribute is empty during loading an entity from the database
  • Throw an error with more clear explanation when a list comprehension is used inside a query instead of a generator expression: “Use generator expression (… for … in …) instead of list comprehension [… for … in …] inside query”

To install the updated version use the following command:

pip install --upgrade pony