Pony ORM Release 0.7.12

Hi all,

Recently we have worked with the CockroachDB team and today we are excited to release Pony ORM 0.7.12 with the CockroachDB support. CockroachDB is a “cloud-native SQL database for building global, scalable cloud services that survive disasters”.

Another exciting news is that we have added a full blown continuous integration support. Now you can see the result of the tests at the Pony ORM page:



Also, there is a list of bugfixes:

  • Fix translation of getting array items with negative indexes
  • Fix string getitem translation for slices and negative indexes
  • PostgreSQL DISTINCT bug fixed for queries with ORDER BY clause
  • Fix date difference syntax in PostgreSQL
  • Fix casting json to dobule in PostgreSQL
  • Fix count by several columns in PostgreSQL
  • Fix PostgreSQL MIN and MAX expressions on boolean columns
  • Fix determination of interactive mode in PyCharm
  • Fix column definition when sql_default is specified: DEFAULT should be before NOT NULL
  • Relax checks on updating in-memory cache indexes (don’t throw CacheIndexError on valid cases)
  • Fix deduplication logic for attribute values

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