Pony ORM Release 0.7

We are excited to announce that

Starting with this release Pony ORM is release under the Apache License, Version 2.0!

Previously we were using the AGPL and commercial licenses and found that it was driving away contributors and “open source zealots”. Pony is a mature library which is used by many companies in a production mode. We’d like to grow a community around Pony ORM and that is why we decided to release it under a permissive license, such as Apache 2.0. The Apache License allows you to freely use, modify, and distribute any Apache licensed product. You can use Pony ORM in your commercial products for free.

In this article you can find more information about the Apache license.

Besides this, here is the list of changes, improvements and bug fixes included into this release:

  • Added getattr() support in queries
  • Fixed 159: exceptions happened during flush() should not be wrapped with the CommitException
    Before this release an exception that happened in a hook , could be raised in two ways – either wrapped into the CommitException or without wrapping. It depended if the exception happened during the execution of flush() or commit() function on the db_session exit. Now the exception happened inside the hook never will be wrapped into the CommitException.
  • Fixed 190: Timedelta is not supported when using pymysql

To install the updated version use the following command:

pip install --upgrade pony