Pony ORM 0.6 Release Candidate 3

Deprecation of long type for attributes

Since the long type has gone in Python 3, the long type is deprecated in Pony now. Instead of long you should use the int type and specify the size option:

    class MyEntity(db.Entity):
        attr1 = Required(long) # deprecated
        attr2 = Required(int, size=64) # new way for using BIGINT type in the database

See more information on this here.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed #18: Allow to specify `size` and `unsigned` for int type
  • Fixed #77: Discriminate Pony-generated fields in entities: Attribute.is_implicit field added
  • Fixed #83: Entity.get() should issue LIMIT 2 when non-unique criteria used for search
  • Fixed #84: executing db.insert() should turn off autocommit and begin transaction
  • Fixed #88: composite_index(*attrs) added to support non-unique composite indexes
  • Fixed #89: IN / NOT IN clauses works different with empty sequence
  • Fixed #90: Do not automatically add “distinct” if query.first() used
  • Fixed #91: document automatic “distinct” behaviour and also .without_distinct()
  • Fixed #92: without_distinct() and first() do not work together correctly